Every Horse Diver Needs a Headdress…

My daughter’s one year birthday is coming up (cue uncontrollable sobbing) and the theme I was inspired by was the movie Water for Elephants. So I immediately found the PERFECT headdress for Noelle… 


It’s beautiful and fantastic and $35… So I decided to make a trip to Michael’s and see if I could DIY it.  

 Total cost of my supplies was $10 (I already had the hot glue gun.)  Here is the final result…    Not bad considering when I tried to put this on Noelle she promptly pulled it off… Glad I didn’t spend $35! Looks like mommy will be wearing a pretty fancy headdress at her party ūüėČ


1st Mother’s Day

This is the day that moms everywhere are pampered, served breakfast in bed, and given hand drawn cards. This is my first Mother’s Day. I must say it is kind of surreal. Last year, I was just me and now I’m someone’s mom. It has not been an easy year for me. As a matter of fact, it’s been really tough. I just realized that I am only good at one thing now, and that’s being a mom. (Let’s be honest I am not even sure if I am good at that.) It’s more so coming to terms with being a mom is the most important thing that I am and everything else that I was is now forgotten. Though when I look at her I realize she is so worth losing myself over.  


Fashion Truck… the New Food Truck

Lately I have been thinking about the growing popularity of food trucks. I love the idea of a cute little trailer outfitted with clothes and accessories popping up at local farmer’s markets and art festivals. Here are a few inspirations I found from around the country for mobile pop-up shops. Maybe one day Verrrde will have it’s own little mobile shop…

gypsetter-284x160 Wanderlust Trailer

May Martinboho pretty

Oh Mother, here we go again!

Earth Day is tomorrow so I thought it would be apt to reflect on a few things. This past week I learned that the black rhino became extinct and there is only one male white rhino left, (like in the entire planet!!!) I started thinking how sad it was that my daughter never got to see a black rhino in the wild, and soon may never see a white rhino in the wild. But then I thought, “Hey! I have never seen any kind of rhino in the wild before!”

I also visited San Diego and was marveling at how there was not a cloud in the sky and just how beautiful and lush every thing was. Clear skies means no rain, which means drought, but here I was in the middle of a lush desert.

As a kid I always thought I would change the world. I thought I had plenty of time, that it would take a while before water started running out and animals started dying off. Little did I know that doing nothing could also change the world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not all doom and gloom. There are still beautiful things to see and wonderful places to visit. There is also still plenty of work to do to keep our home beautiful and¬†sustainable. On Earth Day, you don’t have to save the planet, just do one thing. Recycle that yogurt cup, reuse that scrap piece of paper, turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth. Remember we are preserving our planet for our¬†future selves.

The hubs and I at Mount Arenal in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country who understands that investing in it's environment and eco-tourism is beneficial not just for the economy but for everyone who lives there.

The hubs and me at Mount Arenal in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country who understands that investing in it’s environment and eco-tourism is beneficial not just for the economy but for everyone who lives there.

Mom Jeans and Caviar Dreams (and by caviar I mean banana baby food)

So since have a baby, I have¬†been a little busy (to say the least). I won’t bore you with all the details of parenthood, babydom, and married life. The most important thing is that I am learning to prioritize my time.¬†I used to love to go shopping for myself and finding new great designers. Now I am constantly on the hunt for new and interesting kid’s clothes designers. Though I know many of you aren’t parents, these designer’s have me wishing that they made clothes in my size! Say good by to those god awful clown pants that they make for girls! Check out some the best of the best in baby clothes:

Baby clothes just got way cooler

Baby clothes just got way cooler. Left to right, top to bottom: Bacabuche, Tiny Cottons, Camp Wolf, and Bobo Choses

Mother’s Know Best

As the saying goes¬†necessity is the mother of invention, I think mothers know this better than anyone. Look around at many of the most popular baby products have been invented by mothers. So of course I’m trying to come up with brilliant ideas to make me millions. Alas I’m not as creative as I thought I was. So in the meantime here are a list of my favorite mommy invented (and one daddy invented) baby products:


The WubbaNub is a favorite in our household, we love them so much we have 2 giraffes! Chewbeads are a cute and colorful way to make baby happy without ruining your favorite necklace. The Miracle Blanket truly is a miracle! One of the surefire ways to get our little one to sleep. (I should also note that this was a dad invention.) For you breast feeding mama’s out there Milkies is a great way to insure you are not wasting one drop of breast milk.


All Black Everything

So when I got pregnant I swore that I would not buy any maternity clothes. I just hate all the cutesy bows, creepy baby hand prints or skeletons, or the stupid message tees. Unfortunately, I started showing at 14 weeks and I could no longer squeeze into my regular clothes. So I ventured out to buy some larger sized clothing but not maternity wear. This worked for me up until I was 8 months pregnant and all I could wear were black leggings. When I finally did go out and buy maternity clothes I felt like all I wore was black. Like pregnancy was some kind of 9 month mourning period. I did try and get creative with my outfits and here is some inspiration for you pregnant mama’s who want to shop your closet…

14 Weeks Preggo and I could still fit into my bubble hem Anthropologie dress, thank God for empire waists!

Here we are at the National Championship game and I was 16 weeks along. It was hard to tell if I was pregnant or just had one to many hot dogs.

I was able to steal my husband’s shirt again which helped to conceal my growing bump, here at 20 weeks. Also pictured my favorite leggings that I wore almost everyday of my pregnancy.

Jump ahead 2 weeks and I am huge, maxi skirts were a godsend, though as I got larger the elastic band started to hurt my back.

Only 26 weeks and I was starting to look full term…

At 30 weeks I went to a friends wedding. I was able to find a non-maternity dress from H&M that actually looked good and wasn’t black!

31 Weeks I tried to fit into my pre-pregnancy Thunder T-Shirt to watch the playoffs, didn’t quite work out…

Same week I watched my husband’s kickball team win the championship game, we almost look like twins.

34 Weeks and we traveled to Rhode Island for another wedding. Here I had to get really creative… I went to TJ Maxx and bought a dress that was 4 sizes larger than my pre-pregancy size and tucked the dress under the bustier to make the dress look like it was supposed to be a maternity dress.


And I’m Back….

So its been a good 11 months since my last blog post and I have some explaining to do. In the past few months I have started a new business, quit my job, started a new career with a different business, quit that job and went back to my old job, and let my new business fall by the way side… In addition to all of the job changes I got pregnant and now have a wonderful 1 month old daughter. Being on maternity leave has left me with a lot of time (usually at 4am) thinking about my business and my blog. I know I have been distracted, even now I am trying to type with one hand while holding the baby with the other, but I am committed to getting back on the horse. Not only will my blog include eco-fashion and food but I will also throw in some baby stuff. Apparently that is all I can talk about lately. So here it goes Verrrde, Part Deux!

Baby Life